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What is the closest red thing to you?: Two matching picture frames.
Last thing to make you angry?: Me being sick.
Do you have a temper?: I'm Irish. Need I say more? 
Are you a fan of romance?: OH yes. 
Do you have power over others?: hehe.. I like to think that I do...dance puppets, dance! 
Are you impulsive?: I try to be. 

What is the closest orange thing to you?: A pillow.
Do you like to burn things?: Yes. Bonfires..and wood...and anything close to the fire.
Do you dress up for Halloween?: I always want to...but no one will do it with me.
Are you a warm hearted person?: Yes. I always am. I always call people Baby or Honey. 
Are you full of energy?: No. But, I'll be back at the gym to try and get full of it again.
How many friends are on your list?: I dunno? 

What is the closest yellow thing to you?: A phone book.
The happiest time[s] of your life?: New Years. 
What is your favorite holiday?: New Years..and Christmas.
What makes you smile?: Everything. Tank, my friends...all of them..
What is your biggest fear?: Cancer.
Are you a coward?: Yes.

What is the closest green thing to you?: My wall. A calendar. 
Do you care about the environment?: I try. 
Are you jealous of anyone right now?: Not particularly...the people that get to go to Tank's games. :(
Are you a lucky person?: I'm Irish...
Do you always want what you can't have?: Sometimes, yes. 
Do you like being outdoors?: Yes, at night.

What is the closest blue thing to you: Mouse pad. 
Are you good at calming people down?: Yes.
Do you like being in the water?: I LOVE IT!!! 
What is the last thing to make you cry?: The show Everwood...the mom has cancer... 
Are you a logical thinker?: Yes, I like to think that I am. 
Who is the wisest person you know?: Myself...

What is the closest purple thing to you?: A business card.. 
Do you like mysterious things?: Like movies? Yes. Like creepy guys? NO!
Are you creative?: Yes.
What are you most compassionate about?: Cancer patients...leukhemia
Have you ever met anyone in royalty?: Nope..well..Miss Texas Teen
Do you like Prince? Not particularly. 

What is the closest pink thing to you?: A book. 
Do you like sweet foods?: Yes :D 
Are you a sweet person?: Yes  
Do you like play-fighting?: I LOVE it.
Are you sensitive?: I like to think so. 
Do you donate to breast cancer awareness?: I try to. Because it's important  to me/


What is the closest white thing to you?: The phone. 
Would you say you're innocent?: HA!
Are you always try to keep the peace?: Sometimes..and sometimes I egg the fights on. 
How do you imagine your wedding?: I really don't know. 
Do you like to play in the snow?: We don't HAVE snow.
Are you afraid of going to see doctors or dentists?: Doctor no..my mother works for one. But the dentist...oh yeah.

What is the closest black thing to you?: Remote.
Do you enjoy hurting people?: Absolutely not.
Do other people hate you?: I'm sure there are some people that don't like me.
Are you sophisticated or silly?: Silly!
Have you ever fainted or passed out?: Yes.
Would you like to go to space?: No. I am terribly afraid of twelve mile heights.

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