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Wow...long time, no see.

I know, I know. Where have I been?

Working, planning PROM, hanging out with my brand new boyfriend!!!

He's wonderful..:D

So yeah, that's where I've been. You need me? Contact me!



I HAVE A NEW BOYFRIEND!!! COMMENT FOR DETAILS...I'm not giving them out, because I am feeling unloved :P

New Layout!

I got a new layout! It's LONDON! WHOOT WHOOT!!!
What is the closest red thing to you?: Two matching picture frames.
Last thing to make you angry?: Me being sick.
Do you have a temper?: I'm Irish. Need I say more? 
Are you a fan of romance?: OH yes. 
Do you have power over others?: hehe.. I like to think that I do...dance puppets, dance! 
Are you impulsive?: I try to be. 

What is the closest orange thing to you?: A pillow.
Do you like to burn things?: Yes. Bonfires..and wood...and anything close to the fire.
Do you dress up for Halloween?: I always want to...but no one will do it with me.
Are you a warm hearted person?: Yes. I always am. I always call people Baby or Honey. 
Are you full of energy?: No. But, I'll be back at the gym to try and get full of it again.
How many friends are on your list?: I dunno? 

What is the closest yellow thing to you?: A phone book.
The happiest time[s] of your life?: New Years. 
What is your favorite holiday?: New Years..and Christmas.
What makes you smile?: Everything. Tank, my friends...all of them..
What is your biggest fear?: Cancer.
Are you a coward?: Yes.

What is the closest green thing to you?: My wall. A calendar. 
Do you care about the environment?: I try. 
Are you jealous of anyone right now?: Not particularly...the people that get to go to Tank's games. :(
Are you a lucky person?: I'm Irish...
Do you always want what you can't have?: Sometimes, yes. 
Do you like being outdoors?: Yes, at night.

What is the closest blue thing to you: Mouse pad. 
Are you good at calming people down?: Yes.
Do you like being in the water?: I LOVE IT!!! 
What is the last thing to make you cry?: The show Everwood...the mom has cancer... 
Are you a logical thinker?: Yes, I like to think that I am. 
Who is the wisest person you know?: Myself...

What is the closest purple thing to you?: A business card.. 
Do you like mysterious things?: Like movies? Yes. Like creepy guys? NO!
Are you creative?: Yes.
What are you most compassionate about?: Cancer patients...leukhemia
Have you ever met anyone in royalty?: Nope..well..Miss Texas Teen
Do you like Prince? Not particularly. 

What is the closest pink thing to you?: A book. 
Do you like sweet foods?: Yes :D 
Are you a sweet person?: Yes  
Do you like play-fighting?: I LOVE it.
Are you sensitive?: I like to think so. 
Do you donate to breast cancer awareness?: I try to. Because it's important  to me/


What is the closest white thing to you?: The phone. 
Would you say you're innocent?: HA!
Are you always try to keep the peace?: Sometimes..and sometimes I egg the fights on. 
How do you imagine your wedding?: I really don't know. 
Do you like to play in the snow?: We don't HAVE snow.
Are you afraid of going to see doctors or dentists?: Doctor no..my mother works for one. But the dentist...oh yeah.

What is the closest black thing to you?: Remote.
Do you enjoy hurting people?: Absolutely not.
Do other people hate you?: I'm sure there are some people that don't like me.
Are you sophisticated or silly?: Silly!
Have you ever fainted or passed out?: Yes.
Would you like to go to space?: No. I am terribly afraid of twelve mile heights.

Meme from MySpace

1.Your Full Name: Samantha Kay Vaughn

2. Age: 17

3. Single or Taken: Single..I guess it's getting better :D

4. Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights

5. Favorite Song: Ghosts, by Jake Owen

6. Favorite Band/Artist: Right now... Jake Owen

7. Dirty or Clean: Clean

8. Tattoos and/or Piercings: Ears only. Right now.

9. Worst Habit: Saying like..and dragging out a story.

HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...

1. Do we know each other outside of myspace?

2. What's your philosophy on life? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

3. Negative or Optimistic? I'm always negative, but I try to be optomistic!! :D

4. What was your dream growing up? To be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader!! HAHA

5. Worst thing to ever happen to you? Right now? Breaking up.

6. Would you give me money or a slap in the face? I don't know....a slap?

7. Tell me one weird fact about you: I lost 6 pounds!

8. Would you have my back or kick me when I'm down? Have your back! I always have family's back!

9. Do you Trust me? I would hope so!

10. Have you ever kept anything from me? I wouldn't have a reason to.

11. What do you think of me as a Person? If I met you on the street..I would think you were weird and I would walk away..

12. Do you think I'm sane or insane? Insane.

13. Would you cry for me if I died? Of course!

14. Would you be my crime partner or my conscience? CRIME PARTNER!

15. If you could change anything about me, would you? Not really.

16. How do you fall asleep? Recently? Crying.

17. Would you come over to yell at me or just call? Call..because I live thirty minutes away from you.

18. Would you go on a blind date if I set you up? I guess so. I trust you.

19. If I only had one day to live would you be honest or lie? HONEST!!!

20. A million bucks.. what would you do with it? Shop!!! And then pay for college!! And buy my dream house...and renovate it.

21. What is your worst fear? Failure.

22. Favorite thing to do in your spare time? Crochet, and read.

23. How many times did you curse at me while filling out this thing? None.

24. Can you sing or dance? I like to think that I can do both. :D

25. In one word, how would you describe me? Be honest....  Weirdddddd...

26. Will you repost this so I can fill it out? ...Duh..
On the twelfth day of Christmas, justmybabyandme sent to me...
Twelve pastries dancing
Eleven patterns reading
Ten butterfingers a-baking
Nine beaches acting
Eight roses a-crocheting
Seven books eating
Six friends a-crafting
Five fo-o-o-ord mustangs
Four rascal flatts
Three gilmore girls
Two nicholas sparks
...and an england in a germany.
Get your own Twelve Days:

QUIZ!! (from stella)

1. Your name: Samantha
2. Star sign (or if you don't "do" astrology, your favorite scientific hypothesis): Libra
3. Place of residence: East Texas
4. What makes you happy? My friends.
5. What are you listening to now/last listened to? My mom and her boyfriend...and I last listened to CSI:Miami.
6. Do you read my journal? - YES!! EVERYDAY!
8. Interesting fact about yourself: I have REALLY blue eyes.
9. Tell me something random: I like red headed boys.
10. Favourite spot/place to be: School...at basketball games with my friends.
11. Your favourite lyrics (poetry or song): "Everything", by Brad Paisley.
12. Best time of the year:Winter!
13. Right or left handed: Right.
14. Favorite food: Ever? Pizza. Right now? Grilled Chicken Breast.
15. Coffee or tea (what type / flavor): Are you kidding? I'm from East Texas! TEA!! SWEET TEA!!
16. What was your last dream about: I dreamed that..well..I don't really remember.
17: Last radio station (or web stream) listened to? KICKS 105, BABY!!!!!
18. Last cuss word word uttered? Jackass.
19. Best decade for music: Later 90's to now. If that's a decade?
20. Will you put this on your LJ so I can complete it there: Umm..yes?!
21. I didn't understand the question that WAS here, so I'm asking what your favorite color is instead: Torquoise.

1. a movie: Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights.
2. a book: The Giver..I don't know who it's written by.
3. artist/band, song and album: PAT GREEN!! LUCKY ONES!! LUCKY ONES (the song)!!:)
4. Somethings else (lj friend, website, tv show, store, whatever):

1. Pirate.....or ninja? Oh, Pirate, for sure!
2. Squid....or bunnies? - bunnies
3. Stephen Colbert....or bears? BEARS!!!!

Class Rings

We got our class rings, today! They're great! Mine's so pretty!

Since our school color is dark green, I got light green, because I thought it was pretty..and because no one else got it! Very pretty! I'll post a picture as soon as possible!!